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Greek Marvels

Welcome to Greek Marvels, the ultimate shop for anyone that wants high quality greek goods. We are a team of food industry experts and we work very hard to bring you some of the highest quality Greek goods on the market. We always keep in mind the philosophy of Mediterranean cuisine.

Greek Marvels was created with the original idea of offering traditional greek products all over the world. Located in Thessaloniki in Greece we source original, authentic Greek products at a very good price. We sell everything from nuts to sauces, olive oil, honey and so on. We also sell pasta, coffee, wines, ouzo, snacks, desserts and the list is getting larger, day by day.

With the help of our team you finally get to have amazing high quality foods. Some of our products are fully organic, for vegans and vegetarians, not to mention superfoods as well. If you always wanted the best possible value and quality from Greek foods, just visit our shop today. Let us source you some amazing, authentic foods you do not want to miss.

We know some of us had to step away from Greece for a while. Maybe even for more than a few years. With Greek Marvels products, you finally get to acquire traditional greek food that have a ‘home flavour’. You can acquire products you’ve missed so much, from various regions in Greece.

Non greek people can always try greek cuisine and enjoy something special with Mediterranean aroma. It’s just a pleasure to try out!

Greek Marvels is always focused on quality. We provide only the most premium products on the market. These are a great representation of the outstanding Greek food, and we want to make it easy for you to access and enjoy.

Location of Greek Marvels

You can find Greek Marvels on address below:
Industrial Park of Nea Michaniona
Nea Michaniona | Thessaloniki | Greece
Postal Code: 57004


If you have any question regarding our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.