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Olive oil is the fat that we get from the fruit of the olive tree traditionally grown in the Mediterranean region and in every corner of Greece. Since antiquity, Hippocrates, Diocles and Dioscurides have been recognized for their healing properties. Today, doctors and nutritionists, based on the results of scientific research, argue that olive oil has beneficial effects on almost all functions of the body. Greece has the highest intake of olive oil per person in the world.

Extra virgin olive oil Kolimvari is the quintessence of the Agricultural Cooperative of Chania in Crete. It is the well know nutricious “liquid gold”. It is famous all around the world for it’s health benefits. It helps prevent cardiovascular and many other diseases.

It is filtered in freeze which helps retaining all its organoleptic qualities. It’s kept free from moisture and from any foreign matter. Not to mention it’s unparalleled flavour and distinct aroma.

Extra virgin olive oil KOLYMVARI is available in tin cans 5lt



Agricultural Cooperative Of Chania

Website: chaniacoop.gr Location: Crete
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