Fir Honey Meleagros 250g


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Meleagros Fir Honey 250g is collected in the pristine fir forest of the Pindos Mountains, from the Pertouli area. An altitude of over 1200 meters. away from intensive cultivation and any other possible source of contamination.

Its dark reddish color, its mild aroma and its distinctive caramel taste have made it stand out in the tastes of the most demanding consumers in Greece and the rest of the world. It is particularly rich in trace elements (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc.). Furthermore, thanks to its low glucose content, it does not crystallize.

Fir honey 250g  is one of the rarest varieties of honey in Greece, as its production does not exceed 5% of total production.


  • Bottle of 250g
  • It does not crystalise


Also available in 450g bottle.



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