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10 Greek treats pairing curated around a traditional & cultural theme

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From Vanilla – Orange Cookies  to Virgin Olive Oil, Greek Flavour Box gives you the experience of tasting authentic Greek drinks, snacks, coffee, and teas delivered to your door directly from Greece.


Greek Flavour Box includes:

  1. Virgin Olive Oil (Kidonia) – 100ml
  2. Traditional Greek Coffee (Matziounis) – 100gr
  3. Ouzo 40% vol. (Alexandridis ) – 0.2lt
  4. Forest Honey (Meleagros) – 250g
  5. God taste tea – (Theikon) – 10pcs
  6. Green olives without core (Olives earth) – 200g
  7. Peach Jam (Darnakon Geyseis) – 340g
  8. Cooloorakis Orange Biscuits (Biscotti Tsoungari) 110g
  9. Golden raisin (Tsomes) – 200g
  10. Black olives paste (Olives earth) – 135g


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