Ouzo Mezes Basket

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A combination of small dishes or appetizers served to accompany ouzo.

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Super Mezes Basket is now available and provides appetizers to accompany the consumption of ouzo. It contains greek olives, saganaki sauses and 2 different varieties of ouzo.

Greek Mezes Box includes:

1 × Alexandridis Apostagma Ouzo 42% vol. – 0.5lt
1 × Alexandridis Ouzo 40% vol. – 0.35lt
1 × Mushroom Saganaki with Mustard & Lemon Dressing
1 × Mushroom Saganaki with Ouzo & Tomato
1 × Black raisin olives with core (Olives earth)
1 × Green olives with carrot (Olives earth)


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